Fall 2022 DNS Webinars

Aliasing in the DNS and HTTPS/SCVB RRs

It would be very handy to be able to establish an alias for an apex record in the DNS. Unfortunately, this is not a standardized feature of the DNS, although some operators have created proprietary features with this effect.

The new HTTPS and Service-binding (SCVB) resource records on the brink of standardization in the IETF are supposed to “solve” this long-standing interoperability problem. In this webinar, Carsten explains:

  • What is a CNAME?
  • What is an alias?
  • What is the problem with CNAMEs at the zone apex?
  • How is this new HTTPS/SCVB system supposed to work?
  • What do we know about implementation status?

**A recording of this webinar can be found on ISC’s Youtube channel. **

Memory management in BIND 9

Users frequently ask us how to optimize BIND 9 memory usage, for the best performance with a “safe” amount of overhead. This is an impossible question to answer! The truth is, every installation is different and the answers are platform-specific. So how can you measure memory usage on your platform, and how can you adjust BIND memory usage if you need to? Find out at our December webinar!

  • How should you measure BIND 9 memory usage (Authoritative and Resolver)?
  • Why does BIND 9.16+ use more memory than older versions?
  • What is jemalloc and how does it help with BIND 9 memory usage?
  • What BIND features can you adjust to change BIND’s memory usage?

A Recording of this webinar can be found on ISC’s Youtube channel. Slides are here

Speaker information:

Carsten Strotmann has more than 20 years of professional experience working in open source networking. He has delivered many webinars and training classes on open source solutions and DNS/DHCP/IPv6/Linux/Unix security. He also is the author of various articles on IT security topics in computer magazines.

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